WB, to release all major films on HBO Max, what does that mean for the future of cinema?

Earlier this week, WB made a huge announcement that they will be releasing their 2021 movie slate simultaneously on HBO Max and theaters. This is similar to when they said they would release Wonder Woman 84 on Christmas day on HBO Max at no additional cost. Like many, I thought they were going to beContinue reading “WB, to release all major films on HBO Max, what does that mean for the future of cinema?”

Why Netflix’s “Lucifer” Isn’t Glorifying Satanism

Am I aware that many articles like this have already been written? Yes. Do I care? Absolutely not. I wanted to give my two cents into the whole debacle with Christianity and why some Christians refuse to give this show a chance. This article may or may not be offensive. I don’t know. Let’s seeContinue reading “Why Netflix’s “Lucifer” Isn’t Glorifying Satanism”

Selena, a fresh take on the legend we all know

Selena is a two part series that tells the story of the young singer Selena Quintanilla-Perez’ rise to fame. Right off the bat, the show has its own unique identity from the 1997 Jennifer Lopez film(yes I had to bring it up since I know most of you will). The best part about this seriesContinue reading “Selena, a fresh take on the legend we all know”

The New Mutants, too little too late

After many delays, the year 2020 was finally the chosen year for The New Mutants to drop. Unfortunately, all the delays and reshoots did not save the film from turning out incredible dull and average. Don’t worry, no spoilers here. The New Mutants in brief, is a story about 5 teens who are hospitalized inContinue reading “The New Mutants, too little too late”

The Christmas Chronicles 2, a wonderful holiday film

After experiencing quite a tumultuous year, it’s a breath of fresh air to wind down with a nice family holiday film. I was a big fan of the first Christmas Chronicles, and was looking forward to the second outing. It didn’t disappoint. It was just as joyous and fun as the first one, and IContinue reading “The Christmas Chronicles 2, a wonderful holiday film”

The Mandalorian S2 A Love Letter to Star Wars Fans

We are 5 episodes into season 2 of The Mandalorian with 3 more to go to finish off the season, and every episode has brought more big adventures for Mando and the Child. While I loved s1, I think I have to say that s2 so far has surpassed the level of s2. The seriesContinue reading “The Mandalorian S2 A Love Letter to Star Wars Fans”

“If Anything Happens I Love You” Is Raw, Powerful And Heartbreaking

Let me start off by saying that this short film shattered my soul. I originally thought this was a full length film so imagine my surprise when I found out there was THAT MUCH emotion packed into 12 minutes. It’s 12 minutes that are worth every second of your time to stop what you’re doingContinue reading ““If Anything Happens I Love You” Is Raw, Powerful And Heartbreaking”

“Mother” Is Absolutely Worth The Watch

Netflix recently released the Japanese film “Mother” and let me tell you. It’s both fantastic but painful to watch at the same time. Let’s break down this wonderful film together. First off, I love foreign films. They have such a different feel to it than western movies. The story is based on the life ofContinue reading ““Mother” Is Absolutely Worth The Watch”

The Craft Legacy. Unworthy Follow Up?

What do you get, when you get a sequel to a film that came out 20+years ago? A very loose connection to the previous film that’s both tonally different, yet tries to copy all the best bits from its predecessors. I think my biggest gripe and grievance with this film was that it felt likeContinue reading “The Craft Legacy. Unworthy Follow Up?”

Blood of Zeus. Greek Mythology & Anime. What’s not to like?

I’m going to let you know right off the bat that this quick review is spoiler free, so don’t worry. The show Blood of Zeus recently premiered on Netflix on October 27th. Perfect time for a nice watch before the holiday weekend for those that celebrate Halloween. What can I say? It was fantastic. TheContinue reading “Blood of Zeus. Greek Mythology & Anime. What’s not to like?”