Nintendo Finally Finds It’s Competition With Valve Corp’s “Steam Deck”

On Thursday, July 15, video game publisher Valve Corp introduced a new handheld console called the Steam Deck. Closely resembling the Nintendo Switch, the Steam Deck will have the capabilities of a gaming PC and allow users to play high end computer games wherever and whenever. Priced at $399, the Steam Deck will be availableContinue reading “Nintendo Finally Finds It’s Competition With Valve Corp’s “Steam Deck””

“Geeked Week” Final Day Reveals Big Game Adaptations

It’s the final day of Geeked Week and today was all about the game adaptations. Gamers definitely got their juice with these exciting new reveals. Here’s what you might’ve missed today. “Arcane” Fall 2021 “The Cuphead Show” sneak peek “Castlevania” spinoff confirmed “Splinter Cell” anime confirmed “Captain Laserhawk” in production “Far Cry” anime confirmed “Smite”Continue reading ““Geeked Week” Final Day Reveals Big Game Adaptations”


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