Wit Studio’s “Bubble” Is Stunningly Beautiful With Jaw Dropping Animation

If you’re a fan of Studio Ghibli‘s creations, prepare yourselves. Netflix’s newest anime film Bubble is as equally beautiful to experience for yourself. From the gorgeous art style to an entrancing soundtrack, Bubble has what it takes to be an award winning animated film. With other projects under their belts such as Empire of CorpsesContinue reading “Wit Studio’s “Bubble” Is Stunningly Beautiful With Jaw Dropping Animation”

All The New Disney+ Announcements

Today is Disney+ plus day, and the official twitter account @disneyplus just unloaded a massive list of announcements for future projects that will be making their way onto the streaming platform. We broke it down for you all so that it’s easily accessible. Check it out below! Baymax! An original series – Summer 2022 IceContinue reading “All The New Disney+ Announcements”