Day Two Of “Geeked Week” Is All About The Films

The premier of Geeked Week got us excited for all the exciting new series coming to Netflix. Day two went in a different direction, focusing more on upcoming films. Ranging from action to animation, you won’t want to miss these amazing new movies. “The Sea Beast” (July 8, 2022) “Troll” “Day Shift” first look (AugustContinue reading “Day Two Of “Geeked Week” Is All About The Films”

Why You Should Watch At Least One Studio Ghibli Movie In Your Lifetime

While there are many animated films on the market, none of them are more celebrated than Studio Ghibli movies. With its breathtaking hand drawn scenery and it’s beautiful storytelling, no other studio even comes close to their level of uniqueness and ability to stir up emotions in the viewer. If you haven’t seen any ofContinue reading “Why You Should Watch At Least One Studio Ghibli Movie In Your Lifetime”

“Mother” Is Absolutely Worth The Watch

Netflix recently released the Japanese film “Mother” and let me tell you. It’s both fantastic but painful to watch at the same time. Let’s break down this wonderful film together. First off, I love foreign films. They have such a different feel to it than western movies. The story is based on the life ofContinue reading ““Mother” Is Absolutely Worth The Watch”

Welcome To The Blumhouse

Amazon Prime has premiered Blumhouse’s 4 feature length films for the spooky October season. The films include Nocturne, Black Box, Evil Eye, and The Lie. Finally completed watching all 4 this week since I was watching 1 a day. Here’s how I rank them. (Don’t worry, no spoilers) So, first I’ll tell you the exactContinue reading “Welcome To The Blumhouse”