‘Loki’ Paves The Way For Phase 4 Of The MCU

Now that all 6 episodes of the Loki series have been released, we can discuss the entire season as a whole, and what that may mean for the future of the MCU. *Spoilers ahead* I do want to start off by saying that I did enjoy most of the episodes of Loki. Episode 5 probablyContinue reading “‘Loki’ Paves The Way For Phase 4 Of The MCU”

“Loki” An Intriguing Start To A New Adventure

This will be a quick non spoilery review for the first episode of Loki. Wow, okay, so I must say, I love what this first episode is serving up in terms of the world building and tone. We get a peek at the inner workings of how time works and the multiverse from this pilotContinue reading ““Loki” An Intriguing Start To A New Adventure”