“Mother” Is Absolutely Worth The Watch

Netflix recently released the Japanese film “Mother” and let me tell you. It’s both fantastic but painful to watch at the same time. Let’s break down this wonderful film together. First off, I love foreign films. They have such a different feel to it than western movies. The story is based on the life ofContinue reading ““Mother” Is Absolutely Worth The Watch”

So I Watched “Blood of Zeus” And I’m Blown Away By How Good It Was

If you haven’t read my previous article talking about Netflix’s new anime based on Greek mythology, I highly recommend you go check that out before you read this review. Or I can just recap here to save you the trouble. This review is entirely spoiler free so you don’t have to worry about anything beingContinue reading “So I Watched “Blood of Zeus” And I’m Blown Away By How Good It Was”

Netflix Reveals New Anime “Blood of Zeus”

Netflix recently revealed a new anime coming to the popular streaming site later in October. The new show, titled “Blood of Zeus”, is based on Greek mythology involving what seems to be the clash of Titans and Gods. The description, as tweeted by NXOnNetflix via twitter, is described as the following: “A young hero, anContinue reading “Netflix Reveals New Anime “Blood of Zeus””