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‘Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse’ Is Another Groundbreaking Masterpiece

Coming from the heels of the critically acclaimed ‘Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse’, is the follow up most Spidey fans have been waiting for. I’m super happy to say, that not only has Sony Animation met expectations with their second entry of the series, but that they managed to do what most thought to be the…

Why ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3’ Is The Perfect Ending For The Trilogy

Looking back, there are very few superhero trilogies that I can say are perfect. Usually, there will always be that one dud in the lineup that holds back the franchise from reaching it’s full potential, and in a market that’s over saturated in the hero genre, it’s no wonder that these films are met with…

‘The Mandalorian’ S3, A Good Ending To A Lackluster Season

Another season of ‘The Mandalorian’ has come to a conclusion, and while I feel like it was a lackluster season overall, I did enjoy the ending. There are plenty of shining moments throughout the season, and the narrative is the strongest when the focus is on Din and Grogu, but this season felt the most…

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