Hello, I’m Godo. I’ve been in fandom for most of my life. I love watching movies, tv shows, and playing video games. A day of relaxation for me mostly consists of binge watching things I love to my hearts content. I love reading up on discussions, theories, and speculations for new content covering all different types of entertainment. My first “big” fandom started with the Marvel fandom, hence my social media handles GodoMischief.


Hi there! I’m Nat. My main thing right now is playing video games(you can catch me playing Apex ayyyye) and just watching anything that looks good. This quarantine has gotten me to catch up on a lot of movies lately.


Hello! I’m Kersten and I’m from Newfoundland, Canada. Tv shows and movies have been a big part of my life, as well as video games. I also enjoy reading and listening to music. I occasionally write but I’ve been taking a break to recharge the old batteries. There’s nothing I love more than sitting down and rewatching shows and movies and still discovering new things that I might’ve missed before. My reviews are mainly movie/show related.

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