“Geeked Week” Day Five Games Showcase

The fifth and final day of Geeked Week premiered today, and focused on games that Netflix will be bringing onto their platform in the next year, as well as shows based on beloved video game franchises. Below, we included a full list of all the announcements that were made today, and thus, concludes Geeked Week 2022. We hope to see you again next year!

  • “Dragon Age: Absolution” animated series and official teaser trailer (December 2022)
  • “Tekken: Bloodline” new anime series in the works
  • “Shadow and Bone: Destinies” rpg game based on the hit show in early development
  • “Too hot to handle” mobile game (Coming soon)
  • “La Casa De Papel” single player game (Coming soon)
  • “The Queen’s Gambit Chess” game (Coming soon)
  • “The Cuphead Show!” New teaser trailer for the new episodes
  • “Lucky Luna” trailer for the new platforming game
  • “Desta: The Memories Between” new game
  • “Reigns: Three Kingdoms” game
  • “Terra Nil” game coming to Netflix
  • “Poinpy” new game launched and available today!
  • “DOTA” Dragon’s Blood” sneak peek of season 3
  • “Wild Things: Animal Adventures” game
  • “Sonic Prime” sneak peak at the new animated series
  • “Raji: An Ancient Epic” game (Coming soon)
  • “Spiritfarer” game is coming to the Netflix games app
  • “Castlevania: Nocturne” new animated series sneak peek

You can check out the full day 5 broadcast right here.

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