Yet, Another Positive Review of “The Sandman”

“The Sandman” made it’s debut on Netflix this past Friday, and as someone who never read Neil Gaimans comic books of the same name, I have to say, this is a fantastic show. Right from the start, you can feel the love and care that was put into crafting this colossal beast of a show. From it’s cast, to the writing, to it’s style and visual storytelling, there was lots to unpack here and it was so much fun getting to know this world. Having Neil directly involved in the production of the show most certainly helped, since the adaptation turned out pretty damn great, and I’ve seen both fans of the comics and new viewers equally praising it. No worries, no spoilers will be mentioned in this review.

Kirby Howell-Baptiste as Death and Tom Sturridge as Dream

What more can I add or say that hasn’t already been said yet about the show? For me, I greatly enjoyed all these characters in the story. Each and every one of them is unique and the cast is so rich and diverse, I can’t help but just adore and gush over it. Everyone does such a great job portraying their characters, it’s wonderful having so many three dimensional characters on screen and in these stories. I also really love the fantasy elements behind the series itself and the bold and daring imagery that completely shapes up the narrative that looks like they were ripped straight out the comic panels. The CGI can be a bit clunky at times, but that’s fine since it’s so far and few in between. It doesn’t seem like they were held back by any obstacles, and they tried staying as true as possible to the source material.

The series is split into two different story threads, and admittingly, I preferred the first story versus the second one that came during the second half of the season. The overall pacing slowed down a lot for me in the latter half, and some sections became a little bit boring for me in that same sense. I really feel as if something may have gotten lost on me as a non book reader. This is probably my only main issue with the entire series, and I cannot take away how spectacular the show is overall. If you’re a fan of dark fantasy shows with some heart touching writing, and some out of this world characters, then you really need to do yourself a huge favor and check this show out now.

The Sandman is now streaming on Netflix

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