Our Lucifer viewing guide in preparation for 5b

Lucifer 5b is fast approaching and will be out globally on Netflix, May 28th. The writers for this site have gathered what we feel are the most relevant episodes you should watch before the new season premieres! Grab your popcorn, and check out our list below:

Season 1

  • E6- Favorite Son
  • E9- A Priest Walks Into A Bar
  • E10- Pops

Season 2

  • E11- Stewardess Interrupts
  • E12- Love Handles
  • E13- A Good Day To Die
  • E14- Candy Morningstar
  • E16- God Johnson

Season 3

  • E6- Vegas With Some Radish
  • E15- High School Poppycock
  • E20- The Angel of San Bernardino
  • E24- A Devil Of My Word

Season 4

  • E1- Everything’s Okay
  • E2- Somebody’s Been Reading Dante’s Inferno
  • E4- All About Eve
  • E8- Super Bad Boyfriend
  • E9- Save Lucifer
  • E10- Who’s Da New King of Hell

Season 5a

While we would say to just watch all of this part of the season all the way through , we will still pick out the eps we find most relevant in case you simply do not have the time.

  • E1- Really Sad Devil Guy
  • E4- It Never Ends Well For The Chicken
  • E6- BluBallz
  • E7- Our mojo
  • E8- Spoiler Alert

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Lucifer from 5b, courtesy of Netflix

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