Pixar Makes Another Masterpiece With The Heartwarming ‘Luca’

The movie Luca came out on Disney+ on June 13th and was met with overall positive reviews. I know my little review is late to the game, but when I watch something this good, I cannot help but express how wonderful it is. As the title of this article says, Disney’s Pixar has got another winner on their hands. *Non spoiler review*

Alberto and Luca having ice cream.

When it comes to their films, Pixar never seems to fall short of making something feel so warm and personal along with beautiful visuals and storytelling. Luca, fits their brand, and follows a coming of age story about two young boys who are half sea monster and half human, trying to find their way into the human world. They go through some adventures together and try to blend in with the locals in a small Italian town called Portorosso, where they learn of a competition that takes place there that may be the answer to getting what they want. As mentioned, the setting takes place in a fictional city in Italy, and the visuals are absolutely gorgeous. The animation here is top notch as you’d expect. The water, the skies, the old building the architecture, heck even the pasta looked so delicious it had my mouth watering from wanting to try some!

The story has wonderful messages about what friendship means and choosing your own path. It’s about the want/need to discover, learn, and experience what this world has to offer. This is a great family film as its themes can certainly relate to anyone who is currently going through life’s curiosities, both kids and adults. It’s positively uplifting and inspiring.

Luca in his sea monster form.

What makes the story work for this film, is its simplicity and nature of its storytelling. There is no “big villain” or anything like that. The conflict mostly rises from ones own personal obstacles. It makes for a fresh narrative since the subject matter isn’t groundbreaking in itself . Familiar themes packaged in a new way, filled in a world with bright characters with so much heart and soul, and not too mention atomosphere.

So what do you get with ‘Luca?’ You undoubtedly get great voice acting, beautiful animation and visuals, wonderful music, and a great story. I was smiling from ear to ear by the time the movie ended, and I’m positive that anyone else who watches it will feel the same way too.

Luca is now streaming on Disney+

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