“Animal Crossing” Players Awaken From Hibernation As Version 2.0 Update Drops Early

Back in October, Nintendo announced a huge update for Animal Crossing New Horizons, a game that became a huge hit in 2020 when the pandemic struck. The hype began to disappear gradually once updates became scarce and as events became repetitive, but the 2.0 version woke gamers right back up again. It dropped unexpectedly early (a November 5 release was originally the drop date) and players hopped back on the train so fast. Let’s discuss some of the things that are included in the update (trust me. There’s a lot to cover).

One of the things I was most excited for was the 9000+ new items available to purchase. This includes furniture, clothes, wallpapers, flooring, etc. If you’re the type to be very into editing your island, your needs will definitely be met when choosing what to lay down and display. My island is based off the town that the Colossal titan destroyed from Attack On Titan. There are some areas that feel a bit barren to me but since all these new items are now available, I can easily come up with ideas on how to fill them. Same goes for my home. All four rooms on the main floor are based on Lucifer rooms (including the basement). Ideas on how and what to create came to me so much easier. With the seemingly limitless number of items that players can buy, anything and everything is possible. From castles to ancient ruins, you can legitimately create anything you want.

Of course, Brewster was an NPC that many players were looking forward to see return to the game. Introduced in Wild World, Brewster is a chill pigeon who runs a café called The Roost. Gamers can come here and grab a coffee, for here or to go, and just relax with friends. Along with Brewster, many other faces make a return as well. Harv invites three of them in particular to the plaza he creates on his island. Tortimer, Katrina and Harriet join the NPC ranks as characters offering their services on Harv’s island, with Tortimer offering to access your storage so you can put away or withdraw items while Katrina does what she does best: tell your fortune and scam you of 10k Bells (whether or not her fortunes are good for anything, I’ll never know. They always just felt like scams to me). Harriet introduces you to four new hairstyles and then just chills on the island once she’s done with that. And of course I can’t forget good old Cap’n, who for 1k Nook Miles Points will take you to a mysterious island where you can stock up on materials for DIY’s. Yes, you can skip over his sea shanty if you tap B repeatedly like in the old games. Or you can clap along by tapping A while enjoying the salty ocean breeze.

Along with these NPC’s, there are also sixteen new islanders added to the roster of potential residents. Like with all islanders, you never know which one you’re going to get either on the mysterious island, on the campsite or when one randomly moves in if there’s an empty house plot. Unless you have their amiibo card, every islander is difficult to get because you have no control over who decides to show up. So that being said, there’s no telling if you’ll ever see any of the new islanders unless your luck is astronomically high. You can check out these cuties below.

The only thing I have qualms with is the fact that I still can’t bulk buy at The Able Sister’s. It’s so tedious to have to buy each hat, shirt, pants, etc individually and then have to go back into the change room in order to purchase more. Same goes for crafting items. No one wants to have to build fish bait one by one. Players should have the option to buy and craft in bulk to save on time. It’s shocking that this hasn’t been implemented yet (I also hope we have the ability to make snowballs and throw them in the future but that’s just something I’ve wanted for a while).

There’s so much more to the new update that I can’t possibly for it in this article and talk about it (otherwise this would be an extremely long read). So if you want a quick rundown of everything that was added in 2.0, you can check out our coverage here. As a fan of the franchise for nearly two decades, this game is probably in my top three favorites. When there’s consistent updates that are interesting and keep the fanbase’s attention, it really is a fun game to play and I highly recommend people to check it out if and when they can.

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