Moon Knight, First Impressions & Expectations

Moon Knight debuted it’s first episode on March 30th on the streaming service Disney+ to a very strong opening that left me so completely and utterly shocked by how good of an opener it was. Not to say that I thought it would be horrible, but my expectations were just completely blown. I’ve seen all of the Marvel Disney+ shows thus far, and I have to say, this in my opinion, is the best first episode opening to any of their shows thus far. I’m going to go into what I’m liking a lot so far and don’t worry, I won’t be posting any spoilers here.

We get a quick origin story in the opening episode of the show, full of mystery, intrigue, and exciting confusion. The second episode builds upon what we learned from the first episode, and is still keeping up momentum with fun characters in an interesting and different storytelling narrative. Oscar Isaac who plays Steven (with a V) and Marc(a second personality as far as we know), has done such a brilliant job juggling two vastly different characters. Oscar not only changes his accent, but his mannerisms too and it’s just stellar acting overall. He really captures the charm of the characters he is portraying and they do feel like two different beings. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to know that he’s been knocking it out of the park with his fantastic performances and portrayal of two vastly different characters. In the other corner, we have Ethan Hawke who plays Arthur Harrow, the series main antagonist of the show. So far, the show has set up that Arthur is in search of a mysterious scarab artifact to which Steven possesses. Steven is an unreliable narrator since he has blackouts in which another personality/persona takes over, thus enters Moon Knight. We aren’t supposed to know what’s happening since neither does our main character. I think this makes the entire premise feel fresh because we just don’t really know what to expect or how things will quite play out. All we know, is that the scarab has some importance to it, and the Moon Knight, Steven’s other persona will stop at nothing to make sure the scarab doesn’t wind up in Arthur’s hands.

I think that what they have building up so far has been fantastic and exciting. This is the first time Marvel has a show in which they introduce a brand new character as the lead that we haven’t seen before in the MCU. So far, they’ve done a great job introducing us to Moon Knight and I cannot wait to see more of this. I hope they’re able to keep the same flow and pace since I feel like most of the Marvel shows lose steam by the time they reach the end. We’ll revisit this once the show has concluded so for now, all I can say is lators gators!

New episodes of Moon Knight premieres every Wednesday on Disney+

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