The New Mutants, too little too late

After many delays, the year 2020 was finally the chosen year for The New Mutants to drop. Unfortunately, all the delays and reshoots did not save the film from turning out incredible dull and average. Don’t worry, no spoilers here.

Photo Courtesy from 20th Century Fox

The New Mutants in brief, is a story about 5 teens who are hospitalized in some type of prison/rehabilitation center, to which they’re seemingly being helped in order to garner control over their powers while also helping unlock their full potential. The standout here is Anna Taylor-Joy, who plays Magik. She’s quite a scene stealer, and you can actually catch her now on the hugely successful The Queen’s Gambit, which is now on Netflix.

All the trailer cuts made it seem like the movie itself would be a twisted, horror-like, fantasy genre, but for me, being an avid horror movie fan, felt like this barely hits the mark. I remember being interested in the approach Fox was taking with this film by twisting the superhero/comic genre into an entirely new and different thing. The concept sounds cool and fresh enough, but the story itself falls very short of what could’ve been something a little more groundbreaking. With such an oversaturated market as the superhero one, this one unfortunately just falls back and behind recent releases. The X-Men properties have also been purchased by Disney, so this film along with Dark Phoenix(another poorly received film) are the last ones Fox got to dish out. Unfortunately they went out with a poof, not a bang.

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