Strip Down, Rise Up. How pole dancing empowers.

Strip Down, Rise Up is a journey of empowerment, self discovery, and body positivity using the art of pole dancing. This wonderful documentary is directed by Michele Ohayon, who focuses on telling the story of many women from different backgrounds, and shows us their journey as they attend S Factor classes, a program that focuses on teaching women self love through pole dancing classes.

Photo Courtesy of Netflix

I have to say, this documentary really touched me. Listening to all these women’s stories and what some of them have gone through was tough and heartbreaking, but seeing them being able to overcome and empower themselves was truly inspiring. One of the main goals of this documentary is to remove this huge stigma around pole dancing, and paint it in a different light. You have to come into this with an open mind, and not come with any preconceived judgmental approaches when viewing this topic. There’s no doubt, that pole dancing can serve as a beautiful and positive experience for anyone who’s willing to learn. There is artistry, performance and athleticism that goes into it.

My take away is that these women who needed self confidence, and reassurance in themselves, were able to achieve that through this experience. Pole dancing isn’t exclusively something only sex workers utilize, and this documentary shows that its an artform and can be an uplifting form of expression and a healing factor.

Strip Up, Rise Up will be streaming February 5th, 2021 on Netflix.

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